Urban management and Sustainable Development

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The programme aims to address the need for effective urban management facing global urbanisation, climate change, and social inequalities ; emphasising sustainable development solutions.
Urban management and Sustainable Development | PIC 2024
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In an increasingly urbanised world, effective urban management is not just crucial but imperative. With over half of the global population now residing in cities, the forces of globalisation, the urgent need to address climate change, rising competition and collaboration for international investments, and the surge in international events underscore the critical need for enhancing urban management.

Furthermore, the dynamic landscape of urban development, coupled with growing social inequalities, underscores the strategic and global significance of urban policies for cities and metropolitan regions. This is particularly evident when considering that a significant portion of the urban population still resides in shanty towns, highlighting the substantial work that remains to be accomplished in this domain. At stake is also ensuring that cities remain thriving and habitable, proritising the well-being of their residents and the environment. 

Today, the challenges facing the world at large have become intrinsically urban challenges. Cities are tasked with delivering high-quality services, fostering innovation to accommodate urban expansion and address transportation, energy, and economic growth concerns, all while meeting the ever-evolving expectations of their residents. Moreover, they must do so while preserving human dignity and safeguarding the environment, ensuring that urban areas remain not just habitable but thriving hubs of human civilisation.

Main goals

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    Facilitate knowledge exchange in urban management

    Enhance urban development by promoting the exchange of successful practices and innovative ideas among participants.

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    Address citizen needs for sustainability

    Identify and respond to citizens' needs by collaboratively developing efficient solutions to energy, social and environmental issues.

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    Empower local leaders with enhanced skills

    Equip local leaders with refined skills to navigate urban governance complexities and drive positive change within their communities.

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    Foster global collaboration

    Promote international cooperation by facilitating partnerships and cross-cultural understanding among participants, inspiring innovative approaches to urban challenges.


    • Networking of cities : methods and tools for external action, diplomatic approaches for building partnerships with other cities and international partners, hosting major sporting/cultural events.
    • Reinforcement of the management capacity of cities :  effective city governance and administration, leadership development for city officials and administrators, best practices in city management.
    • Urban development, economic performance and sustainable urban development : strategies for promoting economic growth in cities, urban planning for long-term sustainability.
    • Expansion and urban congestion : addressing urban sprawl and congestion through smart planning, infrastructure development to accommodate urban growth, transportation and traffic management solutions.
    • Social inclusion and environmental sustainability : inclusive urban policies, sustainable and eco-friendly urban planning and development.
    • Provision of services: innovative solutions and smart cities, innovative approaches to delivering city services, such as healthcare, education, and transportation.
    • Exchanging expérience : peer-to-peer exchange of experiences and best practices.

Target audience


Managers from central administrations, decentralised services and local authorities, project managers leading urban projects, elected local officials.

Practical information

  • Dates | October 14th to 18th, 2024
  • Teaching language | English
  • Format | On-site
  • Lieu INSP, 2, avenue de l’Observatoire, 75006 Paris
  • Tuition fees | €1470 for candidates without a French government grant (to be paid in advance by bank transfer).

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