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Admission requirements, grants, general terms and conditions: read all our registration procedures about the 2024 international short programmes.
International short programmes (PIC) 2024
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Admission requirements

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    Applicant profile

    The international short programmes are reserved to international senior civil servants working in government departments, senior managers in public sector companies, or similar profiles. Applicants must:

    • • be introduced by their administration;
    • • hold a master’s degree or an equivalent degree certifying that they have attended university or equivalent for at least four years; or in certain cases, hold a position of responsibility demonstrating an equal level of competence.


    Proficiency in the language in which the course is delivered is essential.

    Certain profiles from the private sector closely linked to the themes addressed by the programme may also apply, subject to the same registration conditions.

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    The application procedure for the PIC changes from 2024. Applicants will no longer have to send their application to the French embassy in their country of residence. Instead, the application files will be sent by the INSP, using all the information and documents provided by the applicants on the registration portal. When registering on that portal, candidates must add the following additional documents to their application file:

    • • a detailed CV (in French or in English)
    • • a copy of a diploma at least equivalent to a Bachelor degree
    • • a photo ID (of portrait type)
    • • a copy of a valid passport or a national identity card,
    • • the additional profile information sheet (the template must be downloaded at the start of registration)
    • • the letter of introduction from the candidates' administration (the template must also be downloaded at the start of registration).


    Each application will be assessed by the French embassy in the applicant's country of residence, and then by the INSP. The French embassy will inform the applicant of possible admission or rejection of his or her application.

    For countries in which an initial selection is organised at national level (in connection with the French embassies), the selected candidates must have their letter of introduction completed, signed and stamped by the administration in charge of that selection. They will then also have to pre-register on the INSP website by adding this letter to their application. Applicants who reside in Morocco are asked to contact the Ministère de la Transition numérique et de la Réforme administrative to find out about this initial selection. Applicants who reside in Tunisia can contact their specific government department in this regard.

    Registration will open at the beginning of February 2024. The deadline for submitting applications is 40 days before the start of face-to-face courses and 20 days before the start of online courses. These deadlines must be strictly met. Once admitted, applicants must ensure that they receive the visa in time if it is required to enter France, and that they pay the registration fees before the start of the course if the course is financed from personal resources. A refund of the registration fees can be provided for candidates who are eventually unable to obtain a visa before the start of the training, or that cannot attend the course due to another reason out of their control (on presentation of supporting documents). This possibility applies both to candidates who have paid from their own resources and to their administration.

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    Attending the Pic course

    Once applicants have received the confirmation of their admission, they must make all the necessary arrangements to ensure they can be present at the INSP on the first day of the programme. Similarly, they must arrange their stay in Paris before their arrival. Applicants should therefore plan to arrive at least 24 hours before the start of the programme.

    Applicants who do not attend to the first day of the course may be denied the right to attend to the following courses and to waive any grant obtained for the course. The certificate of attendance will only be issued to participants who have fully and attentively attended the programme.

Study grants


A French government grants (covering tuition fees and living expenses) can be applied for at the French embassy in the applicant's country of residence.

It may also be sought from a national or international institution, public or private, or from the administration that referred the candidate.

General terms and conditions of sales

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Discover the catalogue online

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