Focus on the international short programme “Negotiating with and within the European Union”

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The European Programmes Unit of the French National Institute of Public Service (INSP) organised an international short programme dedicated to "Negotiating with and within the European Union" from 25 to 29 September 2023. This 5-day training gathered participants from 4 continents with a special interest in the field of European affairs and experts from France, other EU member States and candidate countries.
Image d'illustration : focus sur le programme international court "Négocier au sein et avec l'Union européenne"
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The inspiring discussions were possible thanks to participants’ and speakers’ high-level of expertise, willingness to confront views and to learn from each other in a truly cooperative and international environment. The INSP’s team is very grateful to all the participants and experts for their active contribution to the overall success of the programme. The programme has also encouraged experience-sharing between peers from a multidisciplinary and multicultural perspective.   

Issues addressed
  • EU’s economic diplomacy
  • Evolution of geopolitical power
  • EU’s budget and multiannual financial framework
  • EU Green Deal: carbon leakage and the evolution of climate policy
  • Impact of ecological transition on economic operators
  • Enlargement challenges
  • Political/technical negotiation dynamics and strategies


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Target, objectives, practical details

In 2023, the Institut national du service public [French National Institute of Public Service] is organising 15 international short programmes, each allowing to deepen the knowledge and skills related to the subjects of governance and the transformation of national and European public action. 5 programmes are, or have been, taught in English, including the programme entitled "Negotiating with and within the European Union".

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Image d'illustration : focus sur le programme international court "Négocier au sein et avec l'Union européenne"
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The European Union (EU)

The European Union is a product of negotiation. Its multi-layer and multi-player policy-making labyrinth is also a constant negotiation process taking place at different levels and involving a variety of actors. The specificity of the EU governance structure puts forward the purpose of reaching agreement on the realization of a common interest where conflicting interests are present. The European project is therefore a never-ending process of reconciling undeniable diversity with equally undeniable common aspirations.

Many aspects of the European Union's external relations are managed through negotiations. As a result, decisions made at EU level have consequences on partner countries. Negotiating effectively within and with the European Union therefore requires :

  • deep understanding of the complexities and nd distinctiveness of different negotiation processes taking place at the European scene and available instruments,
  • and a capacity to balance power leverage with political and diplomatic acumen.


International short programmes (Pic)

The Institut national du service public (INSP) offers a range of international short programmes, at the crossroads of continuing education for senior civil servants and international cooperation, 2 priority areas of its roadmap.

These programmes, developed in conjunction with the Ministère de l'Europe et des Affaires étrangères [French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs], provide high-level foreign executives and decision-makers with an insight into the French political and administrative organisation and its experience in public management by supporting the development of skills in the fields of governance and the transformation of public action.

These programmes, taught in French or English, target senior civil servants in foreign administrations, public-sector executives and representatives of non-governmental organisations who want to improve their skills in a specific field.

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Image d'illustration : focus sur le programme international court "Négocier au sein et avec l'Union européenne"
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